Submission and
At this stage you have been working
on your short stories for a
number of weeks.
The time has arrived to submit your
short story for inclusion in your book.
You are about to become a
So what is the next step?
Emailing your work to your teacher.
When you are satisfied that your work
is complete and it has been edited
and proofed, you must send it,
fully typed, to your teacher.
Before you do, however,
you need to check that the
following are included
at the top of your page;
Story title, Author Name
and Class…
Once they are, you can send it
across to your teacher who will
compile a word file of the work from
everyone in your class.
When this word file is complete
he/she will then send it to the
main contact (the person who is
responsible for dealing with your
publisher, Emu Ink!) in the school,
and he/she will compile a
full school's word file online.
This full book file will then be emailed,
along with your artwork for the front
cover, to the Emu Ink submissions
Your Cover On every cover, there is room for
31 images and the school logo.
So pupils need to submit
anything from 1 to 31 images that
For example, if your story is about
murder the image could be of a gun.
If it’s about a broken relationship
it could be of a broken heart…
When the images are complete, the
main contact will email them in a
folder to Emu Ink and we will take
it from there.
How you choose your 31 artists is up
to you. One class from the school could
use their art class to do it or, if 10
classes take part for example,
approximately three students from
each class could be chosen to put
their drawings forward…
And that’s it.
Once this is done, so are you!
The next time you see your work
will be in print, when you have your
very own book containing your
published story in your hands.
You have done an amazing thing.
You are on the verge of becoming a
a huge achievement.
Now all that is left for us to say is,
thank you for taking part in the Emu Ink
Schools' Publishing Programme and
well done. We are proud to be your
publisher and we hope that you
enjoy your book!
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